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The Perfect Time Has Come

Historically, there had been two major challenges to development: Availability of land and viable transportation to nearby Interstate-55.

When the City of Herculaneum received a grant to build a connecting bridge to reach I-55, the project suddenly took on new life. Soon after, a major land owner, Doe Run Lead Company, began to study alternate production methods that would require a smaller footprint for their operations, thus freeing up some availability to the riverfront property.

At this point, the Jefferson County Port Authority made the smart move to become part of Doe Run's Feasibility Study by acting as a tagalong and broadening the scope of the study to cover various sites of interest on the river.
brown rail train_edited.jpg

Missouri is home to an extensive rail system.  Railroads are essential to the state’s economy and the region’s economic competitiveness. Missouri has the 10th largest number of railroad miles in the United States with approximately 4,800 miles of track, 2,500 miles of yard track and about 7,300 public and private highway-rail crossings.


The Jefferson County Port Authority is fortunate to have Missouri's I-55 within miles of Mississippi River front. With MoDOT's commitment to continued roadway improvements, I-55 is a valuable logistics asset. 


The Jefferson County Port Authority is both ready and capable to assist in the economic development of the county and beyond through utilizing our geographic location relative to the Mississippi River.

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The Jefferson County Port Authority is ready and willing to assist in any way we can with a variety of tools provided to us through legislature. Some of that support can come from various grants, bonding, AIM zones and other opportunities.

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