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The Work Begins

The largest single project ever undertaken by The Jefferson County Port Authority is the development of a multi-modal, public access, industrial port facility in Jefferson County, Missouri.  The objective is to create a cluster of public port facilities, private port developments as well as public-private partnership for land redevelopment and economic development opportunities.  River port development will be a partnership of public and private entities for repurposing existing industrial sites as well ad developing new sites along the Mississippi River in the County.

A Phase I Feasibility Study has been completed which demonstrated the viability of the overall development of the project.  The existing conditions in the St. Louis Port, a District that encompasses most of the Metropolitan St. Louis area, as well as the current cargo market were benchmarked.  The conclusion was that the proposed port project could be constructed without substantive adverse impace to the existing port development in St. Louis.  The Jefferson County project could generate between $1.68 and $2.0 billion dollars in added domestic product in Jefferson County over the lifespan of the total build of the project.  Further, over 1,000 acres of additional land could open up for development and redevelopment with this project.  The full port project could support between 6,500 and 7,800 permanent, full time jobs in Jefferson County.

A Phase II Master Plan has been completed.  This Plan was developed to create and adhere to a consistent and coordinated plan to ensure that the Jefferson County Ports operate as a system and are developed to respond to the current market as well as future changes in shipping and cargo handling.  The Master Plan calls for the development of three separate facilities, a liquid loading and off-loading facility in the Pevely area; a multi-modal facility specializing in environmentally conscious firms and facilities in the Herculaneum area; and, a multi-modal facility targeting extensive rail assets and including a slack water harbor in the Crystal City area.  These projects are ready to go and are simply awaiting market decisions by the owners of the land.

Funding for the estimated costs of construction of the facilities should come from a variety of sources.  Obviously federal, state and local resources, including loans, grants and similar sources, will be needed for the project.  Funding will also come from the private sector, with land owners as well as purchasers of the redeveloped and repurposed land contributing to the construction of the project.  It is important to emphasize that at this point, that no tax revenues are included in the pro-forma calculations for the development of these facilities.  

​The development of the first port facility began in 2012.  The Riverview Commerce Park Terminal is a private facility with barge loading and unloading capabilities.  This facility is located in the City of Herculaneum on property formerly used for the production and distribution of lead.  The facility opened in 2013 and is currently shipping bulk commodities.  The facility is concentrating on the shipment of sand through the terminal but expansion of the facility to handle other commodities is under consideration.  This project represents a substantial part of the economic future of Jefferson County.
The Jefferson County Port Authority is a  Political Subdivision of the State of Missouri; formed in 1976 to promote and exchange information on the organization, construction and operation of a port system in Jefferson County, Missouri.